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Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements of Ships

Experience precise Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements of Ships with AIMMS Group. Our cutting-edge technology ensures accurate readings for ship safety and maintenance. Trust AIMMS Group for reliable inspections and comprehensive reports.... Read More

Close-up Surveys – AIMMS Group

AIMMS Group specializes in Close-up Surveys, providing thorough assessments for maritime assets. Our experienced team employs advanced techniques to deliver detailed insights into vessel conditions. Trust AIMMS Group for comprehensive... Read More

DNV Class Approved Service Suppliers in UAE

For top-tier DNV Class Approved Service Suppliers in UAE, trust AIMMS Group Limited. Renowned for excellence, AIMMS Group delivers unmatched quality in marine services. With a commitment to safety and... Read More

Elevating Maritime Safety: AIMMS Group's Early Close-up Surveys

AIMMS Group pioneers Early Close-up Surveys for comprehensive vessel inspection. Our innovative approach allows for detailed examination of critical areas, detecting potential issues before they escalate. With AIMMS Group's advanced... Read More