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Shanghai Shinjo Pump Co., Ltd. is a high-quality pump-manufacturing enterprise, which adopts advanced design methods such as CAD software and CFD computational fluid dynamics software and are subjected to... Read More

Calcium, sodium and magnesium sulphates occur widely in soils, groundwater and seawater. Their contact with concrete foundations and underground and marine structures can be a matter of some concern, as... Read More

Why choose 34 inch t5 led bulb 90mm? t5 led bulb 1. Driver with Rubycon capacitor: safer and more stable. 2. 6063 Aluminum profile with excellent heat dissipation, good thermal conductivity, extend lifespan,... Read More

we have 12 years of experience in 1000w led stadium lights, and 100-1500w led stadium lights can be chosen. 1. The 1000w LED Flood Light Football Stadium Lights Lumileds 5050... Read More

high cri led tube High CRI T8 Led 97ra 95ra LED Tube Light ●CRI:95ra t8 led tube, and 97ra 98ra are also available (R9:80ra). ●1.2mm thick 6063 aluminum alloyed shell with excellent heat... Read More

Aishine Electronics is a top leading manufacturer and supplier in China. Get free sample discount price stock with free sample quotation on wholesale factory customized price list to buy bulk... Read More

Topindus Labels & Patches Manufacturer Co., Ltd. has builds itself as a professional label and patches manufacturer and supplier since the inception of the complete line of cloting accessories,... Read More

This article is talking about the ten problems and solutions in injection mold trials. Here we go! A common problem in mold trial 1: The Main sprue sticking to the injection... Read More

Acceptance of Rotogravure Printing Machine

For rotogravure printing machines, reasonable acceptance is very important. Now let us briefly understand the requirements that should be met when accepting a rotogravure printing machine. 1. The overall performance requirements... Read More

Corona value of printing film-danismachinery.com

When using a printer to print products, the corona value detection function of the printing surface is to ensure the firm adhesion between the film and the ink and enhance... Read More