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Here’s why you need hybrid advisory for Investment Management

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The Wealth Management Industry: Outlook 2020

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7 Wealth Management mistakes you shouldn’t make

One thing that your wealth management firm doesn’t need is a client that doesn’t share your financial philosophy. Niche down to the kind of investors you want to work with... Read More

Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management – Valuefy

Financial advisers can choose, create, and tailor their portfolios using Valuefy's Wealth in a box, a white-label investment analysis and portfolio management tool. Embrace the digital change in financial advice... Read More

Banking Software – Valuefy

Valuefy specialises in providing comprehensive, precise, and customised banking software and fintech solutions for banks. In order to adapt and connect to existing bank apps and to enable flexibility to... Read More

Fintech Solutions – Valuefy

Wealth in a Box is a flexible and pluggable architecture that houses Valuefy's fintech solutions. Using our Wealth in a BOX pluggable architecture, fintech can give your wealth/investing ideas wings.... Read More

Investment Management Software India – Valuefy

Valuefy's Wealth in a box is a white label investment management software that assists financial advisers in portfolio selection, construction, and customization. By easily integrating with advisor and client portals,... Read More

Fwd: Smart Data- Blog Topics November

Valuefy offers front-to-back private wealth management solutions that support the needs of clients, advisors, and the home office. Our integrated financial advice technology makes it easier than ever for advisors... Read More

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