Why Magento Is Trending in 2022 ?

Magento, a community and commerce platform, powers over 240,000 online stores, including the e-commerce storefronts of some of the world’s biggest brands. But what exactly makes it so attractive to online retailers? Here are three reasons to tell you why Magento is trending in 2022.
Ecommerce is growing, and it’s growing fast. We can all agree on that point. What’s not as clear cut is which platform will dominate eCommerce platforms in 5 years. With giants like Shopify and Squarespace, their reputations precede them, but newer challengers are looking to enter into E-commerce–and by challenging experts mean eating up market share like Pac-Man devouring dots. In five years, my money’s on Magento to be one of (if not THE) dominant platforms for hosting an online store.