TYPES OF MANNEQUIN HEADS You may also have noticed that mannequins have a name. As an example, one o

You may also have noticed that mannequins have a name. As an example, one of our popular mannequins at Giell is named Joanne. It is part of our house brand of mannequin heads (Giell).

The outside of cosmetology mannequins is made of rubber and the inside is filled with polyurethane. The hair is permanently attached to the head. Light makeup is painted on the face as well as eyes and brows. The head is about 12 inches tall and has a circumference of about 21 inches. This is slightly smaller than an actual human head.

The standard, medium length, human hair, female mannequin head is the most typical type of mannequins on the market.

Debra Mannequin by Celebrity
Debra by Celebrity
Another example of a standard mannequin head is the model Debra from Celebrity. Celebrity is another brand of mannequins we carry at Giell.com. The main difference is that Joanne has a natural neck design, whereas Debra has a plastic band at the neck. Other than that, they are essentially made the same way.

Another type is called a “slip-on” mannequin head. The bottom mannequin serves as a holder for the hairpiece, which looks somewhat like a mask. Although you may think that these would be cheaper, they are not. That is because they are not as popular, and also because the majority of the cost is derived from the hair and labor.

Samantha Competition Mannequin by Celebrity
Samantha Competition
There are mannequin heads with a shoulder base. These are mostly used for competitions and stand nicely on their own. Some of them have pierced ears so you can install earrings if you want.

Mannequins come in male and female versions, as well as different ethnicities. Some male mannequins have a beard and these are used in barbering school. Male mannequins are also slightly larger than the female ones.

Ethnic mannequins are offered with curled and straight hair. It is important to know that these mannequins were also made with Asian hair so the curled mannequins have been chemically permed.

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