– The heretic who raped a widow by luring her for marriage turned out to be a notorious criminal, ar

Rajkot A shocking incident has come to light from Rajkot. In which a heretic forcibly raped a widow woman by luring her for marriage. Rape victim woman gives birth to three children. After the truth came to light, the victim woman lodged an FIR against the accused.
On the basis of which the police arrested the accused. According to the information, a 34-year-old widow from Rajkot has lodged an FIR against 36-year-old Yasin alias Bhuro Kaida in the Mahila Police Station of Rajkot. The husband of a woman involved in tiffin service and clothing business had committed suicide about 14 years ago. 8 years ago the widowed woman came in contact with Yasin alias Bhura. Initially both of them used to talk on mobile and after that they started meeting each other. At that time Yasin had identified himself as Rahul Prajapati. He also told that he has got divorced from his wife.
Not only this, Yasin had also introduced the woman to his parents and sister. Later, Yasin proposed to the woman to be in a relationship and said that later he would marry her. The widow woman fell into the trap of Yasin and agreed to be in a relationship. After which the woman started living in the same flat with Yasin. During that time, Yasin forcibly had physical relations with the woman by luring her with the promise of marriage. Due to which she became pregnant thrice and gave birth to three children. In which one child has died. During the same time, Yasin also remained in jail for three and a half years in the Gujsitok case. After coming out of jail, Yasin's mother started filling his ears.