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Takis is dangerous for health?

Takis are also high in fat and calories. People who are not used to eating spicy foods. Takis is no less of a threat to them. Because Chilli in... Read More

Dried Fruits That Are Great Workplace Snacks

If you are looking for different kinds of Dry Fruits Online In India to deal with your midnight or in-between meal cravings, then make a purchase with Tong Garden. They... Read More

Pav Bhaji is a luscious and flavorful street food that is very common in Maharashtra. Made with boiled, mashed, and cooked, thick vegetable gravy, the bhaji when served hot with... Read More

PaniPuri is a type of Chaat and is also considered as its successor. As per reported by KurushDalal, the culinary anthropologistPaniPuriprobably came from Raj-Kachori as being the accidentally made smaller... Read More

Biryani, a word that is enough to make people drool, is a mixed rice dish scented with a complex concoction of spices and is originating among the Muslims of the... Read More

A samosa is a fried South Asian pastry. samosa is prepared with all-purpose flour and stuffed with a filling, often a mixture of diced and mashed boiled potato. The samosa... Read More

Buy Baked Nuts & Dried Fruits at Tong Garden

Tong Garden brings you the best quality dry fruits and nuts online. A trusted online store for dry fruits, nuts, and healthy snacks. Check out their berry mix dried... Read More

Jalebi is a scrumptious Indian sweet or dessert which is crispy, juicy, and delicious and filled with a sweet sugar syrup. One of the most popular desserts in India and... Read More

Puri, also spelled as Poori, is a deep-fried bread made from unleavened dough of whole-wheat flour that originated centuries ago in the Indian subcontinent. Puri is a famous bread or... Read More

Momos are steamed bite-size dumplings wrapped in dough and stuffed with a wholesome vegetarian or non-vegetarian filling that infuses the palate with a number of flavors. Developed in the Tibet... Read More