Pheezee – A Biofeedback Device By Startoon Labs

The Pheezee device by Startoon Labs is a compact wearable for physiotherapy sessions, providing real-time biofeedback of electromyogram (EMG) and range of motion (ROM) for the engaged muscle. Connecting wirelessly to an Android phone or tablet, the device displays progress reports for the therapist, which can be viewed by session, week, month, or overall.

Pheezee is versatile and can be used to assess the spinal cord, and upper and lower limbs, making it an effective tool for monitoring patient progress in real-time. After each session, Pheezee generates reports that can be given to the patient, allowing for a clear understanding of their progress. Using the Pheezee dashboard, therapists can keep track of each patient's progress.

The device works by measuring the patient's muscle response to nerve stimulation using EMG and other metrics like repetition counting and ROM. Pheezee features a built-in ARM microcontroller for data collection and processing, motion sensors for measuring movements, and is made up of two modules worn above and below the ankle. The device has a 96% accuracy rate, as determined by the Indian Orthopedic Research Group, and measures ROM with a resolution of 1 degree.

Pheezee offers various benefits, including the use of muscular contractions as a gauge for biofeedback, measures of dynamic ROM, session-specific reports, data for incremental recovery, goal reminders, report creation and distribution to medical professionals and caregivers, and remote monitoring for patients not in rehab.