– Pandokhar Sarkar Dham Mahotsav will be organized from 23rd April

Pandokhar Sarkar Dham Mahotsav will be organized at the famous religious place Pandokhar Sarkar Dham of Bhopal state. This festival will be organized starting from 23rd April till 8th May. In the Mahotsav, along with Kalash Yatra, Shri Ram Katha, Shrimad Bhagwat Katha, there will also be discourses by great saints of the country. On Saturday, Dham's Peethadhishwar Pandit Guru Sharan Sharma gave this information in a press conference.
He said that artists from different regions have been invited to the festival, who will showcase their culture and art in the festival. Besides, famous bhajan singers of the country will perform Sangeet-Kirtan on different days. Peethadhishwar Pt. Sharma told that Pandokhar Sarkar Dham Mahotsav is being organized for the last 28 years. Its objective is to promote human welfare along with the propagation of religion.
Magician Night and Ramlila will also be staged. Organizers said that the festival will start with Kalash Yatra on April 23. After this, Shri Ram Katha will be organized from 23rd to 30th April. Besides, there will also be sermons by Arpitacharya Ji Maharaj of Vrindavan and Sadhvi Pitambara. Apart from this, famous bhajan singers Jeetu Khare, Shehnaz Akhtar, Sanjo Baghel and Lakhbir Singh Lakha will also perform at the festival. Apart from different religious presentations, Magician Night and Ramlila will also be staged from 24th April to 8th May.