Optimi Impaq Login 2022 @ Amazing Online Learning Benefits

Optimi Impaq is an online portal for educational purposes for the students of South Africa.

With it, you can learn at home with everything you need.

This portal offers lesson material, assessments, live online classes, facilitator’s guides, support services, and access to the Optimi Learning Portal.

It offers content in both English and Afrikaans. You’ll find all you need here.

Through innovative and accessible education solutions, this portal contributes significantly to the development of South African youth.

It’s journey began in 2002 when it realizes that homeschooling students and parents needed a way to study at home.

This portal has since grown to become South Africa’s largest provider of home education curricula.

In addition, it offers everything students need to complete Grades R–12 at home across the country.

There are over 1500 independent tutors who use the products and services of this organization across the country.