Male Lace Front is Better or High-quality PU is More Suitable

Many people like to buy male lace front, but they want to buy Chinese wigs. Is there no lace wig in China? No, but there are fewer lace wigs in China. This may also be due to the shorter life span of lace wigs. More high-quality PU.
China likes PU wigs with a very long life. If you buy Chinese male lace fronts, some of them may be imported from foreign manufacturers. However, the few lace wigs currently used by lavivid are Chinese products, and the quality is relatively good, but the price is indeed very cheap.
These human wigs are cheaper, more durable, and more comfortable than the male lace front. Imagine that we definitely don't want us to wear an uncomfortable lace wig. Therefore, I would prefer to choose Lavivid PU products. Use the biggest coupon: LAVIVID20.

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