How to Build a Live Streaming App: Essential Features, Tech Stack and Monetization Strategies

Undoubtedly, live streaming app clone are gaining popularity and the increase in video streaming apps investments proves its success. Yes, the numbers have accelerated by 140% between 2016 and 2018.

Well, if you are planning to convert your start-up idea into a VOD app then this blog would help you understand the types of live-streaming apps, monetization strategies, and live streaming app development costs.

‍What Is A Live Video Streaming App?
It can be defined as a simple app that helps you create, watch and share videos live and is somewhat like TV.
It interconnects social media formats as well as business by facilitating connectivity and other tasks. A lot of businesses rely on live video streaming app to conduct video calls, live meetings, screen sharing, etc
Some of the examples of live-streaming apps are Instagram Live Stores, Facebook Live, Twitch TV, etc.
Types Of Popular Live Streaming Apps
Thinking of live streaming app development? Understand the different types of live-streaming apps before you dive into the development
1. Audio Streaming

You can create a video from a picture and get an audio streaming app. The audio streaming app will let you listen to the audio circulated live on the internet.

Some of these audio streaming apps are Spotify, Pandora, and Apple Music.

2. Live Broadcasting Apps

These apps are undeniably the live video streaming mobile apps that are gaining popularity out of the other live-streaming apps.
The users can broadcast live videos and sound using this app to others who can access the stream. The apps have helped increase the count of internet influencers.
Some of the trending live broadcasting apps are YouTube Live, Periscope, and YouTube Live.
3. Video on Demand Streaming

These apps let users schedule and enjoy watching their favorite television shows online from anywhere and anytime
Some of the common VOD apps are YouTube TV, Amazon Prime Video, etc

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