– Farmer cheated Rs 15 lakh by pretending to sell land on the basis of fake ledger

In Bhopal Gunga police station area, a cunning farmer extorted an amount of Rs 15 lakh from a person by making a fake account and making a deal to sell his land. The complainant came to know about the fraud at the time of transfer of land, after which the matter reached the police station.
According to the police station, 28-year-old Anas Ali's father Shakir Ali gave a written complaint and said that he lives in Narela Shankari located in Ayodhya Nagar area. His father has retired from government job. He had decided to buy land with the money he got from retirement. During this time, he liked a land in Manikhedi in March 2020. This land was four acres, on which Ajab Singh Rajput had negotiated to sell the land, claiming it to be his ownership. The deal to sell the land was finalized between them for Rs 15 lakh. Anas gave him one lakh rupees as advance. After this, the remaining amount was also paid in installments.
After taking the money, accused Ajab got the land registered after much delay. After getting the registration done, Anas applied in the tehsil office for transfer of land. After applying for transfer of name, he came to know from the Tehsil office that the book on the basis of which the deal for selling the land was being done was fake, and this book had not been issued from the Tehsil office. After this the complainant approached the police. Investigation revealed that the land sold to the complainant is in the name of Hem Singh Rajput, Ajab Singh Rajput, Leela Bai Rajput and Kusum Bai Rajput.