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electronic signature is the most preferred way to sign all business documents in the current context and situation. It is also termed as esignature, e-signature, electronic signature, esignature software, esign tool, cloud esignature, cloud electronic signature software, SaaS esignature software, etc. Documents such as Mutual NDA, Agreements, Partner Agreements, Software License Agreement, Commercial Proposal, Vendor Onboarding docs, Employee Offer Letter, Employment Agreement, Freelance Agreement, etc shall be executed through electronic signature software.

Top 10 Features of CryptoESIGN electronic signature Software:

Sign with Ease: CryptoESIGN electronic signature is as simple as the user sign on a paper. It has self instruct feature that instruct & guides the user to sign with ease.

Multiple Signature types: CryptoESIGN electronic signature software has options to sign the way user is interested. User shall be able to upload soft signature or sign with stylus or insert font driven signature.

Multi-party signature: Business document signing usually happens with multiple party involvement such as internal stake holders or external signing authorities. CryptoESIGN electronic signature software provision esigning of multiple signing authority, with out much challenge.

Workflow: CryptoESIGN electronic signature, its equally important that the document shall flow in sequential way to get esign as required by business. Paperless Workflow is all that is expected from the electronic signature software to make it more convenient and independent of administrative task such us inperson follow-up.

Widely used soft copy format: Accommodating of basic soft copy formats such as Microsoft Document and PDFs are critical for the usage of electronic signature software. CryptoESIGN support these two widely used soft copy format files to esign, scan, share & store signed docs

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