Electronic Signature has Better Traceability than Traditional Manuscript Signature

An electronic signature is way different from signing traditionally with a wet ink personally but provides more credibility to know that you are whom you say you are. While electronic signature offers the same flexibility for the signer to read, understand and then sign the document like how manually a singer would do, it records underlying identities with internet location and time stamp to provide more serene audit trails. Due to unique login credentials and the ability to sign from their PDA devices, the electronic signature traceability is relatively strong compared to a manual signature. Like how online banking became a safe acceptance in everyone’s mind avoiding the hassles of having to sign cheques manually, electronic signature similarly helps you sign documents safely with more secured identity identification. An electronic signature simply is a software application that generates an electronic signature based on user input, like password and PIN under their control

Is Electronic Signature more credible?

Business professionals know that with a large volume of deals being transacted in their day-to-day business environment and each deal involving one or more stakeholders in an unknown ecosystem, it is difficult for business professionals to prove the identities of their involved stakeholders consistently. With an electronic signature, every business transaction is digitally connected, and we can track all the formalities and approvals from different stakeholders with good digital traceability and acquire good accountability. Simple Proof-of-Signature Electronic Signature is fast and straightforward, and the electronic signature serves as virtual proof of transaction. It has complete control over the process with all the risks being taken care of by the user.

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