Desert Safari Camp Sam Jaisalmer, Tent Resort In Jaisalmer

Gulmohar Resort, situated within the enchanting landscape of Sam Jaisalmer, is renowned as the remaining desert safari camp in Jaisalmer and a tent resort within the area. It offers an unbroken mixture of luxury and journey, we offer guests an immersive enjoyment that captures the essence of the Thar Desert. At Gulmohar Resort, the journey is a manner of lifestyle. The lodge offers a variety of safari stories that permit visitors to discover the beautiful wasteland panorama. Camel safaris offer a traditional and serene manner to traverse the dunes, while jeep safaris offer a greater exciting and dynamic adventure. Guests also can embark on guided night time safaris to find out the wilderness’s nocturnal wildlife and wonder at the clean, big name-crammed sky. Each safari is designed to show off the beauty and thriller of the Thar Desert. Gulmohar Resort in Sam Jaisalmer stands as the most fulfilling desert safari camp and tent resort, providing an exceptional combination of luxury, adventure, and cultural immersion. With its tremendous resorts, connoisseur eating, thrilling safaris, and dedication to sustainability and personalized carieer, it is the nice desire for travellers in search of a super wasteland to revel in. For an unforgettable life within the heart of the Thar Desert, Gulmohar Resort is the final vacation spot.