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An oversight board is slated to make a decision next month on whether to allow shrimp fishing off New England this winter.
The fishery, based mostly in Maine, has been shut down since 2013. An arm of the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission is slated to make a decision about whether to allow a season this winter at a meeting on Dec. 17.
Recent science about the status of the shrimp population in the Gulf of Maine is not encouraging, regulators have said.
The Northern shrimp fishery, which runs primarily through the winter months, was at one time was a lucrative alternative to some local groundfishermen and a source of a highly coveted regional species of shrimp.
But the stock has been in free fall since 2013. Managers had hoped the closure would give it a chance to rebound through improvements to its spawning biomass and the number of new fish introduced each year through growth or migration — otherwise known as recruitment.
Now, the shrimp, which prefer cold water, are imperiled by the warming of the ocean off New England. Scientists have said recently that warming waters led to increased predation from a species of squid that feeds on shrimp.
The shrimp, sweet-tasting Pandalus borealis, were a favorite served as a holiday appetizer.