Bali Pass Trek | Himalaya Shelter

Himalaya Shelter offers the Bali Pass Trek, a thrilling adventure that takes you through the majestic landscapes of the Indian Himalayas. This trek is a must-experience for seasoned trekkers and adventure enthusiasts. The trek covers a distance of approximately 66 kilometers and takes you through some of the most stunning landscapes in the Himalayas. It offers awe-inspiring views of high-altitude meadows, dense forests, and cascading waterfalls. The trek starts from the small village of Taluka and ascends deep into the Govind National Park. On the route, you will come across the beautiful Ruinsara Lake. Multiple waterfalls lie on the way to the pass. One of the highlights of the trek is the Bali Pass, a mountain pass that peaks slightly short of the 5000-meter mark and connects the Har Ki Dun – Ruinsara Valley to Yamunotri and vice-versa. The pass is more approachable from the Har Ki Dun valley as the gradient is small and gives good time for the trekkers to acclimatize to the high altitude. The Bali Pass trek is on the difficult end as the Bali Pass trek altitude is more than 16000 feet and has long walking days, with steep ascents and descents. If one plans to attempt the Bali Pass trek solo, it is highly advised to trek along a route guide as it is easy to misjudge the trail while descending or ascending the pass, with steep sections that can cause mishaps