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What is Needed for Off Grid Solar System

Off-grid means you switch off the power grid or the local utility company that sends you an electricity bill every month. However, off grid solar systems are going to give... Read More

ON-GRID Solar System for Home 1KW to 1MW

UTL on-grid solar power systems are the latest technology, extremely efficient, and the most widely chosen solar systems installed all over India. UTL specializes in custom-designed grid-tie solar systems that... Read More

165AH Solar Battery Price for Home

UTL 165Ah solar battery is very powerful solar battery that is used many solar applications like on-grid solar system, off-grid solar system, hybrid solar system etc. This solar battery is... Read More

5 kVA On-Grid, Off-Grid and Hybrid Solar Inverter

A 5kVA solar inverter is a portable size multi-function inverter that combines the functions of a solar inverter, solar charge controller, and battery charger to provide you stable and uninterruptible... Read More

Rechargeable Mini LED Lantern Light for Home

UTL brings to you "Mini LED Lantern" with One-year complete Warranty. Features and Technical Specification 1. Power Output – 2 Watt. 2. Battery – 3.7V 4400mAH Li-ion Battery 3. LED – 5pcs 1W 3030 SMD LEDs (Epistar... Read More

3 Phase On Grid Solar Inverter 3kW to 25kW

UTL Solar On-Grid Inverter T-Series inverter range is aimed at 3 Phase domestic and small-scale commercial installation, offering unrivalled performance and versatility for increased yield potential and longer generation windows.... Read More

Benefits of Installing a UTL Gas Geyser

अब आप नहा सकते हैं हर रोज सुबह गर्म पानी से बिजली हो या ना हो वोल्टेज कम हो या ना हो क्योंकि UTL लाए हैं एलपीजी गैस गीजर जो... Read More

UTL Inverter Batteries on Easy EMI

Generally, the inverter battery company offers a warranty of 3 years, but if the battery is defective, the cycle of replacement goes on for 15 to 30 days. Considering this problem,... Read More

What is On Grid Commercial Solar System

आम तौर पर सोलर पर कोई फैसले न लेने का मुख्य कारण सोलर की कैलकुलेशन समझ न आना या अच्छा प्रपोजल न मिलना होता है। सोलर प्लांट लगाने में देरी करना... Read More

1KVA Off Grid Gamma Plus Solar Inverter

Gamma+ Solar Inverter has been the first choice of people for a long time. It is not only 30% more effective but it also has numerous great features. Let us... Read More