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The Abilene Paradox is the situation where a group collectively takes a decision even if it does not match the thoughts and perspectives of an individual member in the group.... Read More

A wellness program is an initiative that focuses on maintaining health and well-being through proper diet, stress management, exercise, and illness prevention. These programs may include smoking cessation, weight loss... Read More

Taxable Income is an individual’s or business’ compensation that is utilized to assess tax liabilities. Total income, often known as gross income, is used to calculate how much money an... Read More

Salaries are paid by the employers to the employees in exchange for the services they provide to the company. An employee’s salary comprises different components like allowances, gross salary, prerequisites,... Read More

The word peer is derived from the Latin word par, which means equal. When you are in an equal position with someone, you are their peer. This word is often... Read More

Every employee seeks appraisal when they work hard! Most companies provide appraisals annually. When employees complete 1 year, they expect an increment or appraisal after the year. But how can... Read More

Organizations often neglect their employees after a long and tiring working week. Here, we are not talking about long chats with them or long presentations. We are simply talking about... Read More

Negligent Hiring is the claim made against an employer made by an individual who is injured or harmed by an employee with a history reflecting similar incidents. Negligent Hiring claims... Read More

A medical allowance is a fixed allowance given to an employee by an employer as a medical expense. Medical allowance is a hard and fast pay provided by an employer... Read More

Leave without pay is generally required by employees when they have utilized all other paid leaves. LWP can be taken only if the company approves them as employees are not... Read More