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Actual performance form is the document used to measure employee performance and provide genuine feedback to them – weekly, monthly, etc. It helps to understand employees’ strengths and weak points.... Read More

A payslips is a crucial document that the company provides to the employee. Salary receipts contain information such as basic pay, attendance, benefits, and deductions. Auto-generate payslips with Payroll management... Read More

Check all basic information regarding relieving letter and find the appropriate relieving letter format to get for your organization. Get the whole HR toolkit to make process of HR easy.... Read More

Whenever a taxpayer wants to transfer an EPF account from one employer to another one, form 13 is used to do it. You can directly download the form from UBS... Read More

Form 11 is a self-declaration form where employee details are added to the EPF scheme, also it is used to transfer EPF to a new account with a new member... Read More

It’s vital to ensure that you get your employee’s warning letter format correctly. Educating employee of the issue as well as the step to follow they can be use to... Read More

Especially when you need to make something unique and is a tribute to the person you’re writing it to.There is a straightforward method you can follow to create a recommendation... Read More

In these documents is an employee experience letter. Managers reporting to them or HR professionals may write it to be current or former employees.... Read More

There are many advantage to having a Brand Authorization Letter if any vendor wants to work internationally or nationally.... Read More

The success of the business and efficient business operations both depend heavily on effective leave management.... Read More