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Business valuation is the process of determining the economic value of a business or company. There are many different methods and approaches that can be used to value a business,... Read More

What are private equity consulting firms?

Private equity consulting firms are companies that provide consulting services to private equity firms and their portfolio companies. These consulting firms may offer a variety of services, such as strategic... Read More

Overview of a merchant banking firm.

"As per the definition given by the Ministry of Finance, a merchant banker is a person who is involved in the business of issue management, i.e. either by making arrangements... Read More


"A business can obtain various benefits by choosing the best investment banking company. Listed below are a few benefits derived from hiring an investment banking firm. By acting as a bridge... Read More

Due Diligence Report: Overview, Types and Benefits

The process of systematic analysis and risk mitigation associated with an investment or business decision is known as due diligence. The due diligence process includes the analysis of the financial... Read More

Top leading Investment Bank of India

Resurgent India Ltd. is a leading investment banking company in India that provides top-of-the-line investment banking services. With its strong sponsorship network, it has helped numerous firms meet all their... Read More

One Roof Business Valuation Services Provider

Business valuation services involve figuring out a company's fair economic value, which in turn depends on a number of other variables. Evaluating economic value is not a precise science, and... Read More

Pitch Deck Services for an Investment Round

A pitch deck is a brief presentation providing potential investors with an overview of your firm. A pitch deck is often called a start-up or an investor pitch deck. An... Read More

How to prepare a feasibility report of manufacturing plant?

A feasibility report assesses the viability of proposed project plans or methods from a technical, commercial, and financial angle. The study helps narrow down the risk factors in the implementation... Read More

Resolution Plan – Meaning, Content, Drafting and Submission

Section 5(26) of the IBC, 2016 - "Resolution plan" means a plan provided by the resolution applicant for the corporate debtor's bankruptcy resolution as a going concern in line with... Read More