10 Best Tips for eCommerce Christmas Sales

With economic uncertainty and ever-changing lockdown lock rules, one thing is certain: a large portion of spending will be made online.

Vendors should ensure that their online strategies work to meet the needs of these customers. We are exploring other eCommerce strategies and trends that will help brands see commercial success in this festive season.

Somehow, the countdown to Christmas has already begun…

Christmas Sales tips for eCommerce sellers

Offer Free Delivery
People like to buy things when it comes to free delivery. So offer unconditional free shipping. This is the best way for buyers attracted to your products. Whether it is single products or low price products offer free delivery on it, the buyer would not keep their cart empty.

Offering Multiple Delivery Options
Giving consumers multiple delivery options instils faith in your brand resulting in high sales and customer satisfaction. So many sellers have seen an increase in sales as a result of adding more shipping options at the checkout. Keep your customer happy include weekend delivery, 4-hours shipping, click and connect, pick up an order in store. By offering this you could build brand and loyalty.

Plan Your Inventory Stock
Stock items that consumer wants this is the best way to good Inventory. You can consider this in historical sales data by tracking your old sales insight. Your stock might fluctuate during the Christmas festival so you should ensure that there are backups when you run out of stock. You can also send an email alert that will notify customers when items are available.

Sales Offer
Sales promotion is tried way to boost your sales and acquire new customers, you can take advantage of festival season. You can offer customers so many ways of sales offer like flash sales, buy one get one free, coupon or discount on items, giveaways, recurring sales, or limited time offer.

Make Your Returns Policy Easy
Don't hide your policy
Avoid the scary stuff
Outline what they can expect

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